Fabulous Thought For Today

Big girls need big diamonds – Elizabeth Taylor

Let’s face it. 

Sometimes we make some pretty bad purchasing decisions.

I know I have.

I’ve spent loads of money on some costume jewelry and accessories to add a little pop to my outfits.

But there’s usually one problem – after wearing them a couple times, the color changes or they just fall apart.

Recently, I took some time to think about all the money I’ve spent on these less-than-durable pieces.


So why not choose to invest in valuable pieces that will be great heirlooms for your kids, make an I’m-on-top-of-my-game fashion statement and last for a lifetime?

Kimora Lee Simmons, creator of Fabulosity, offers valuable advice.

“If it’s expensive, go for classic, not flavor-of-the-month, so you can use it for years. If it’s cheap go for a super-trendy, eye catching piece,” she says.


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