Recession No Match for Shopaholics!

Shop on, sistahs!

The results of a new survey being released June 12 reveal that women are still fashionably shopping in today’s drooping economic climate and spending a lot of money.

The online survey was commissioned by Elle magazine. 

Matthew Fields of Brandweek reports:

Researchers identified a “recession-proof shopper,” who is at the median age of 29.

She is affluent, with a median household income of $62,000: 65% were in the workforce, and only 52% worked full-time. Elle states they are passionate shoppers with 57% spending over $2,000 or more per year on clothes and 40% spending $750 or more per year on accessories and footwear.

The majority will be willing to splurge on shoes (75%), handbags (70%), beauty (68%), evening/special occasion products (63%), jeans (63%), jewelry watches (57%) and weekend clothes (52%), but not outwear/coats (41%) and workout clothes (18%).

Seemingly, there is negligence when it comes to the price of trendy products. Eighty percent are willing to pay more for the latest fashions and 81% agree that “price is not the most important factor—it’s getting just what I want.” Also, 79% agree “there are times that I buy clothing without even looking at the price.”

In 2008, 53% of recession-proof shoppers will spend as much or more than they did in 2007, compared to 34% of all other shoppers who will do the same.

About half of the 1,534 women surveyed shop in retail stores to look at, browse or purchase clothes or accessories on a weekly basis.


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