Solange’s Style

Every now and then I come across celebrities who I just have to admire for their adventurous sense of style.

Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) is one of them.

Not every look she rocks is within the realm of what we might consider wearing — even when we feel our bravest.

However, she pairs her tenacious fashion flare with sense of humor and definitely got our attention.

Recently, she responded to the media’s outrage about her hideous powdery eyebrows seen below. (Read more after the cut).

















In a blog post she writes:

I got into a funnel cake fight with my makeup artist!

No really…… I had an interview with VH1 Soul (MTV and VH1 are in the same building)

and the producer kept asking for more powder due to the lighting. (Turns out my brow shines heavily.)

Somehow someway this shit looked fine on camera…..outside in daylight???? Not so much. Unless you’re into geisha girl style makeup.

Even when I attempt to look “together” something shows up and says…hahahahaha! Not today sister. :) (No worries, I cracked up laughing myself! I’ve been making “Everyone NOSE” get it? jokes all day.)

I put a redemption shot from TRL today…make sure you vote for the video. :)



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