It’s true.

For a long time I’ve wanted to support the fashion arm of breast cancer awareness campaigns.

But it seemed like all bags, t-shirts, sneakers, wristbands, etc. were not made for fashionistas who want their closets to ooze fabulosity. So I’ve settled for the pink ribbon–that’s it.

FINALLY, good news!

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization will benefit from PiNKiTUDE, a new campaign that includes the launch of a “modern fashion line targeting teen and young adult women.”

The PiNKiTUDE fashion brand will be manufactured by leading designers, brands, manufacturers and retailers.

The Campaign will launch August 14th with a celebrity studded event at Club Lounge 7 in Los Angeles.

Additional planned events include a Melrose Avenue Block Party, a New York designer shoe event, and October Breast Cancer Awareness events. 

The whole initiative will be inspired by Pink Panther (fingers crossed) and led by MGM Consumer Products.

“The lifestyle of today’s young women blends fashion, entertainment, media, music and passion into all aspects of their daily life,” said Travis Rutherford, Executive Vice President, MGM Consumer Products. “PiNKiTUDE is the personification of that lifestyle, encompassing a passion for life with fun, fashion and an important message of empowerment regarding women’s health and well-being.” 


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