Fabulous Thought for Today

A girl I’d once dated, the type who counted her croutons, asked me one day if I had “a thing for heavy women.” I told her no, I had a thing for women who enjoyed life. – Walter Kim

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Thought for Today

  1. There is a vast difference between a “fatass” and a woman who is not a self-centered, superficial, vain, stick figure compelled to admire the view in every mirror. Many “voluptuous” and fabulous women who do indeed love life, men, adventure, and the thrill each day has to offer, are loved more by men than you will ever even begin to experience. I’m sorry for you and your self-indulgent, immature comment. Such a view suggests that you will never experience the fullness and richness that life has to offer. Please let me know if there are any words that you might need defined, or if you would like any advice on the reality of a true, sensual, loving and exciting relationship!


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