Here’s Your Chance to Interview Celebs on The Red Carpet and YouTube(TM) are giving an aspiring Red Carpet Reporter the chance to win the opportunity to interview celebrities on the Red Carpet in Hollywood this September.

Presented exclusively by Revlon, the competition began Thursday.

It gives one YouTube and user the chance to experience a dream assignment, with exclusive access and first-class treatment.

The grand prize winner will spend a whirlwind two days in Los Angeles and receive the red carpet treatment, including


  • hair and make-up by Revlon
  • a clothing allowance 
  • VIP entry into exclusive events


You’ve got until Monday, July 21 to submit your best two- to four-minute video showcasing your interviewing skills.

Chat up family and friends as if they were on the red carpet at a Hollywood award show.

For more deets, visit or

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