Kim Kardashian on Choosing The Perfect Little Black Dress


What never goes out of style, looks great on everyone and is always sophisticated?

On, Kim Kardashian dishes great fashion advice on choosing an LBD.

The little black dress is a timeless piece that flatters every figure.

Even if you are a color junkie like me, you should have at least one in your closet. And don’t just listen to me.

Since Audrey Hepburn made this item iconic in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, designers and starlets from all generations have been singing its praises. Today, industry insiders Nina Garcia, Marc Jacobs and young designer Hannah Marshall (who has been credited with inspiring a renewed interest in the chic frock) are trumpeting the “LBD.”

What sets the little black dress apart this season? Look for geometric shapes, shimmer, shine, a belt or even a touch of lace, which is super hot this fall.

The Multi-Faceted LBD
Whether you get a sparkly, muted, classic, sexy, or modern night-colored dress, there are countless ways to wear it. Pair the dress with a bright belt or colored tights and it looks like a completely different frock.

Wear it with some hot boots and layered pendant necklaces, and the dress suddenly has more of a rock ‘n roll edge.

Sweep your hair up, throw on a tuxedo-styled jacket and some ankle boots to get the season’s popular boy-inspired look.

As with any outfit, don’t go completely overboard with accessories. For example, if you rock a multi-gold pendant with gold bracelets, I would keep the rest of it simple: bare leg, black heels and nothing else to distract from the silhouette. If you wear bright fishnets with all that jewelry you’ll wind up looking like Madonna circa 1984-way too costumey.

Your Black Dress Is Like a Fine Wine
For those of you working within a budget, I highly recommend spending a little more on this staple than you would on a more fleeting trend. Chosen correctly, your LBD could work for years!

That is why you should take the extra time to hand wash your garment; or if it is dry-clean only, Dryel can work well, too. There is even a spot cleaner which is useful for a stain or the underarm area. DO NOT throw your LBD at the bottom of a dirty clothes hamper! Hang it up after you wear it.

Pick Your Perfect Little Black Dress
Your LBD is out there waiting for you. But it is up to you to find the one.

Diane Von Furstenberg, one of my favorite designers, has some beautiful black dresses in her fall collection.

But if a top design is just out of your reach I suggest you raid the sale racks at Saks Fifth Avenue, the dress section at Bloomingdales or the higher-end dress department at Nordstrom or Neimen Marcus. I guarantee you will be delighted with the fit of some of the higher-end designs which can be gotten on sale at more affordable prices.

At the end of the day, you will spend just a little more than what you are used to on a well-made staple that makes you absolutely stunning. Trust me-it is so worth the investment!

Happy LBD hunting!


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