Recessionistas Helping Discount Stores

A while ago, pieces from Victoria’s Beckham’s denim line, dvb, were hanging on racks in Debenhams.

Blogs commented in horror; the jean collection, which debuted at stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, had officially hit a rock-bottom low.

These days, Debenhams is gaining popularity…in a good way.

The UK clothing retailer has revealed that its designer sales have been boosted by the credit crunch thanks to a new type of shopper: the recessionista.

According to a statement released by the store, many shoppers are  feeding their fashion addiction by turning to the store’s designer equivalentswith a ‘chic enomic’ price tag.

The retailer reported double digit sales growth across its Designer at Debenhams offer in the run up to Christmas.

They say they’ve also seen sales and profits increase and market share gains in all major clothing categories, while reducing its debt.

At least somebody’s making money!

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