Looking for Cash Savings at Coach?

In this recession, we’re still looking to cash in on great deals even though we’re watching our pennies.

But if an item from the Coach store is on your shopping list, don’t look for any major reductions there.

According to Lew Frankfort, Chairman and CEO of Coach, Inc., their brand philosophy won’t allow them to discount Coach store inventory.

“We achieved our goal of providing consumers with truly innovative product offering compelling value, while holding true to our full-priced proposition by not discounting in our retail stores to protect our brand integrity” he said in a second quarter earnings statement.

He also gave a sneak peek on what’s coming up for spring.

  • Penelope, which launched the day after Christmas
  • In the third quarter – Heritage Stripe in February
  • In March – the new Parker collection in March.
  • A wider variety of price points for customers who may be “more reluctant to spend.”

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