Who Is Basil Soda?


At the Grammys, we saw his work at least twice.

Both Katy Perry and Paula Abdul were wearing pieces from his Summer ’09 collection.

So just who is Basil Soda?

First off, he’s a Lebanese designer – with a respectable 28 years experience in the haute couture world.

And it’s no surprise we haven’t really heard much about him.

According to bio details issued by his PR people, he’s been busy at the forefront of Middle Eastern chic and is only now making his mark in Europe and the States.

As evidenced in Katy and Paula’s dresses, Basil Soda’s got a thing for corsages, muslins, lace, satin and silk.

His penchant for symmetry, shape and the relationship between points, curves, lines is also pretty obvious.

Click on the thumbnails for images of his Summer ‘o9 collection.


2 thoughts on “Who Is Basil Soda?

  1. I am a proud Lebanese and i am proud of all the Lebanese designers. I loved the pink dress
    worn by Katy Perry few yrs. ago, and i wasn’t surprised when i found out that it was made by
    a Lebanese designer.
    P.S. Since many Americans don’t know the Lebanese designers by name, I would love to hear
    on the red carpet, when the stars are asked”who are you wearing” to say by LEBANESE
    designer so & so.


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