Barbie’s 50th…The Celebration Continues


Is this Barbie 50th anniversary stuff going overboard?

I’ll leave that for you to decide.

But Barbie lovers would be interested in knowing that the doll celebrated her 50th today by unveiling a new face and throwing a pink-carpet birthday bash at her real Malibu Dream House.

Apparently, the new Bathing Suit Barbie doll is a modernized version of the original 1959 doll and pays homage to Barbie doll’s original 1959 price by offering the new doll for $3 during Barbie® doll’s birthday week.

That’s March 9-14 at participating retailers nationwide.

3 thoughts on “Barbie’s 50th…The Celebration Continues

  1. Hey – you can never get too much Barbie!
    She’s just so ridiculous you gotta love her. And wouldn’t you love all that cool stuff – like the dream house – to die for! And those clothes are getting hotter – evidently there is some truth to the thinking that we get a better sense of style as we get older – at least some of us! LOL! Ken, however, I’d have to pass on. Must be a hotter man of wax around!


  2. thats right barbie is a independent doll with so much money to build a wonderful house like that house jezebel showed for the 50th anniverrsery. the house was so stylish and covered with pink.


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