Hello, High Tops!


It’s no secret that the eighties are back.

The crazy fashion decade has taken over runways and crept into stores’ window displays.

Now we’re learning that footwear isn’t exempt either.

Today Lady Foot Locker unveiled their newest inventory, which definitely brings back memories of neon colors, printed tights and liquid leggings.

Can’t remember how you pulled it off in the eighties?

Here are a few quick tips on how to put the retro look together this spring.

Pop of Color

This spring, even the die-hard goth girl will find it hard to resist a little pop of color in her wardrobe. Take a cue from your Reebok Top Downs and pull some of those hues up into your look.

Use colorful scarves to highlight your pretty prints, and brighten your blacks with a neon tank. Mixing electric colors with black make for a perfect 80’s retro feel.

Like a Boy

It’s the tomboys’ turn to shine. The runways may have reignited that classic trend, but Converse Chuck Taylors help you bring it home. Pair your Chucks with all your menswear looks for spring, be it straight leg pants, short skirts and even wide leg pants. And be sure to borrow his skinny tie or straw fedora, as a girl does need to accessorize.

Black and White… and All Over

It never goes out of style. But the fun thing about black and white this season — you can mix it up with trendy colors and styles. Accentuate fun patterns with your Nike Blazer Hi’s and a contrasting striped shirt. Then break up the black and white with a neon tank.

And if you haven’t bought a pair of boyfriend jeans yet, it’s definitely time to add this great casual look to your closet.

Thanks to Fashion Herald for the tips!

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