Shontelle: Fresh Sound, Fresh Style


Singer, Shontelle gave the T-Shirt a new twist when her debut single (titled “T-Shirt”) hit the charts last year.

Since then we’ve heard from her and Akon on the “Confessions of A Shopaholic” soundtrack with “Stuck with Each Other.”

In this interview, the leggy Barbados-born artist dishes on when she sold her soul to Louis Vuitton and explains why she’d want to be Oprah’s handbag — if she could!

Who were your fashion icons before you got signed?
I have always loved Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Diana Ross, Heidi Klum, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell! Rihanna and Katy Perry are 2 of my new favs.

Now that you’ve got access to a seemingly endless supply of clothing, what are your favorite labels?
OMG! What are you trying to start here? I love so many brands but I must say there are a few that consistently grab my attention: Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Valentino Garavani, DSquared, Chip and Pepper, Tripp, D&G, Hermes, Alexander Mcqueen, Betsey Johnson, Jimmy Choo, Herve Leger and anything by Max Azria (BCBG), Bebe, Ralph Lauren and the list goes on and on and on!

Since you began your international music career, what’s been your favorite fashion moment?
I think my fav fashion moment was when I shot the T-Shirt video. I wore a pastel peach colored Herve Leger dress and a hot pair of gold Jimmy Choos. Now I’ve worn many brands and many outfits but I just love the way that dress fits my body so perfectly and the color accentuates my skin tone. Legs aint lookin too bad either! I also really enjoyed rockin’ the runway with Elle and Caravan during New York Fashion week ’08.

What did you buy on your last shopping trip (for clothing)?
I sold my soul to Louis Vuitton! Bought 3 limited edition (Graffiti Line) items: a travel bag, a scarf and a wallet.

Name five fashion essentials you absolutely cannot live without.
Cannot live without:

  1. Chic Sunglasses and crazy accessories (I tend to keep the clothing simple and bump up the edge by accessorizing, plus if you’re not wearing makeup, sunglasses + lip gloss and voila! You’re camera ready!)
  2. Skinny Jeans (look great with my long legs)
  3. Oversized handbag ( I’m on the go a lot so I carry my life with me)
  4. Black pumps (go with almost everything)
  5. Little dresses/skirts (I love to show off my legs and feel free).

Any suggestions on how to make a T-shirt exciting?
Absolutely! If you look at the one I’m wearing in the vid, you’ll see that we altered the neckline of the t-shirt by actually cutting the collar off right around and then we snipped a opening about a 1/4 inch below that at the front only.

It gives the shirt a new edge and softens it making it more feminine. So get scissor happy with your T’s.

Other cool ways to make a simple T more funky include, painting/printing, bedazzling, studding, cool quotes. You can make an oversized T into a dress by adding a belt. T’s are always cool with jeans, a fun jacket, shorts, layered with sweaters, vests, or under tank tops, with suspenders, cool scarves, you name it. A t-shirt is one of the best ways to display your personal style. So many ways to rock one!

If you could be an item of clothing for one day, what would you be? Why?
I’d be Oprah’s handbag. Just think about it. I’d get to roll around with the world’s best loved female TV icon and business mogul, I’d get to sit in on all her meetings and learn all the secrets of success. Meet lots of cool famous people and see lots of cool famous places. I’d get to hang out with those black and diamond cards all day and surely, being that I’d be Oprah’s, I’d most likely be some fabulous, limited edition, high end brand! It would be even cooler if it was a day that Oprah was taking a break. Can you imagine going on vacation with Oprah?! OMG!

Need more deets on Shontelle? Following her on Twitter (Shontelle_Layne) or check out,, and her channel.

Also, visit YouTube channels, ShontelleMusic and Shontelle.


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