Leanne Marshall Honored in Alma Mater’s Exhibition

Most of us celebrated when Leanne Marshall won “Project Runway!”

Now her alma mater, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, is about to honor her with a celebration of her winning collection.

It’s all part of an annual exhibition they put on.

Marking the accomplishments of the past year, the exhibition includes more than 100 costumes and sketches selected from a variety of television genres.

Designers include Jo Katsaras for “No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency,” Eric Daman for “Gossip Girl,” Luke Reichle for “Without a Trace,” Salvador Perez Jr. for “Castle,” and Randall Christensen, Steven Norman Lee, and Daniella Gschwendtner for “Dancing with the Stars.”

Other television programs include the likes of “Ghost Whisperer,” “The L Word,” “The Tudors,” and “John Adams.”

The show runs until Sunday, September 6th, 2009. Museum admission is free.

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