Your Biggest Bra Dilemmas Solved!

Wonderbra Screen Shot

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably asked yourself at least one of these questions before.

“Why do my bra straps slip off my shoulders?”

“Why does my bra ride up in the back?”

And who knew that there’s a right and wrong way to put on a bra?

I came across this nifty web site, run by Wonderbra, which is a Godsend when it comes to solving the bra dilemmas women face.

Check it out!


One thought on “Your Biggest Bra Dilemmas Solved!

  1. Women today more than ever understand that a quality plus size bra is what’s going to make them most comfortable. Since Oprah ran a show discussing many women wearing the wrong sizes, women refitted themselves and found plus sized bras and lingerie best for their body type.


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