Master P To Give Away One Million Gifts

Master PMaster P is doing a bit of good for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Well, a lot of good, actually.

He’s teamed up with by giving his money and time to help feed and clothe at least 1 million of our world’s less fortunate.

A large number of those being assisted are children and their parents who lack education, are homeless, have mental or physical disabilities, have life threatening illnesses, have parents facing addiction or come from single family homes or the foster care system.

Master P, who himself grew up in poverty, says the initiative will also help prevent those in need from committing crimes in order to get the gifts they may not be able to afford.

You too can make a real difference this holiday. For more information, go to


One thought on “Master P To Give Away One Million Gifts

  1. its nice to see people helping others. my boyfriend and i can barely scrape by an take care of our kids and once got help with a donation of clothes and it was a great feeling knowing my kids got something they needed. its a wonderful feeling for the people that dont have much to know other peole care and wanna help.


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