Fashion Designers Go Gaga on BRAVO

Admittedly, we’re all super-excited for the return of Project Runway Season Seven on Lifetime.

Meanwhile, I’m sure it won’t hurt to check out “Launch My Line” on BRAVO, ex-TV home of our beloved designer dueling show.

Why watch? Well, for starters, “Launch My Line” features Lady Gaga on its episode Wednesday, January 6 at 10/9c.

Tomorrow, the singer we know (and love?) for her fashion-forward outfits surprises the designers and provides inspiration for the next piece in their line.

According to BRAVO, in this week’s challenge, the teams look to Lady Gaga as a muse for an avant-garde outfit, but they must make sure they are pushing the boundaries of fashion without crossing the line of good taste.

I’m happy to share these two preview clips of what sounds like it’s going to be a pretty exciting episode.

Enjoy, loves!

Clip One

Clip Two

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