Simmons Sisters Donate Pastry Shoes to Haiti Cause

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=angela+simmons&iid=6425420″ src=”1/d/4/a/Monarchy_Collection_0961.jpg?adImageId=9244280&imageId=6425420″ width=”234″ height=”330″ /]

Vanessa and Angela Simmons (Rev Run’s daughters and creators of the Pastry brand) have committed to helping Haiti.

With nearly 50 percent of Haiti’s population under the age of 18, the Simmons sisters have pledged a donation of Pastry shoes, as well as clothing, to the kids on the island.

Vanessa, the older of the duo noted, “We can all do something to help. Pastry has chosen to give Haiti’s kids who are displaced and vulnerable to this heart-breaking situation. We pray that they will overcome this unfortunate and horrible tragedy.”

Pastry is working in conjunction with the American Red Cross to coordinate the donation.

Late last week, Crocs also announced a donation of shoes to the Haitian cause.


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