H&M Launches Organic Skincare Line

H&M will launch its first ever skincare line at the beginning of March 2010.

The line, featuring certified organic ingredients, includes shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, hand cream and lip balm.

H&M says the products are available in the fragrance combinations of raspberry and melon or lavender and mint.

They’re also accompanied by make-up and toilet bags made from organic cotton.

No word yet on U.S. prices but European price points look a bit like this.

Shower Gel                         €4,90

Body Lotion                         €4,90

Body Scrub                          €4,90

Hand Cream                       €3,90

Lip Balm                              €3,90

Toilet Bag                            €6,90

Make-up Bag                      €3,90


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