Project Runway for Wii is HERE!

The “Project Runway” videogame for Wii hit retail stores today!

And from all reports, it’s just like the TV show.

This means we players get to be fashion designers, create fashions, select models, take charge of the styling, and the whole nine. According to the folks at “Project Runway,” players can also switch it up and go from designer to model to work the runway.

Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia as well as eight contestants from season six put in an appearance in the game.

Actually, today Carol Hannah seemed pretty excited about the whole thing when she tweeted, “I’m officially in a Wii game! Project Runway for Wii out today!

The “Project Runway” videogame will also be available on PC March 9, 2010.


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