Rimmel: Next Big Thing in Your Makeup Aisle?

Ever walked through the cosmetics aisle, thought about trying the Rimmel brand but then totally bypassed it for something more familiar (and American)?

Well, Rimmel is trying to change that.

How? By splashing a few celebrity faces across their marketing efforts.

Tuesday, Zooey Deschanel, Solange Knowles and Alejandra Ramos Munoz signed on as the new brand ambassadors of Rimmel London.

They join Kate Moss, Georgia May Jagger and Coco Rochas, who already represent the brand.

Why Zooey, Solange and Alejandra, you ask?

“With their distinguished styles, talents and diverse backgrounds, the new faces embody the wonderfully cosmopolitan nature of London, the city that serves as the inspiration for the witty, edgy and streetwise beauty brand,” says Rimmel.

The new campaigns rollout worldwide in August.

One thought on “Rimmel: Next Big Thing in Your Makeup Aisle?

  1. I’ve always liked Rimmel, they have great eyeshadow quads and I’ve also tried their lip gloss and mascara. I guess Kate Moss was a stronger spokesperson on their home turf.


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