Michael Kors Pledges to Help Models Stay Healthy

Many continue to hope for runways without emaciated, unhealthy-looking, underage models.

But the Council of Fashion Designers of America is actually trying to make it happen. They’ve set up the CFDA Health Initiative, which promotes the well-being of models working in the industry.

Seems that model health is such an important matter that  Anna Wintour, Michael Kors and Natalia Vodianova made themselves available for for a panel discussion at the Harvard Business School Monday night.

Apparently, at the event, “Health Matters: Weight in Wellness in the Word of Fashion,with an audience of 1,000, Kors publicly declared that he would honor the CFDA Health Initiative guideline of not working with models under the age of 16 in runway presentations, says CFDA.

According to the Council, Wintour recounted April’s Vogue story of model Kim Noorda’s moving account of her struggle with food issues and her comeback with the CFDA’s help.

Reports also indicate that Vodianova “bravely” shared her own struggles with eating disorders and praised the Council for its efforts to create stronger self-esteem among models.


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