Erin Fetherston Joins Juicy Couture As Guest Designer

Earlier this week, fashion media buzzed when Juicy Couture announced its new partnership with Erin Fetherston.

According to Juicy Couture, they’ve selected Erin for her “individuality, feminine, romantic, and effortlessly chic designs.”

So, I’ve pulled a few of the designer’s most recent runway looks as a preview of what we can expect from Juicy very soon. Truth is, I’m intrigued!

Erin begins collaborating in May 2010 and will work with the team through Juicy’s Holiday 2011 collections. Exclusive, limited-edition pieces are set for a debut in Holiday 2010.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=erin+fetherston+runway&iid=3998117″ src=”0/9/7/5/Erin_Fetherston_3b13.jpg?adImageId=12645765&imageId=3998117″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=erin+fetherston+runway&iid=3998105″ src=”e/c/2/0/Erin_Fetherston_cfd9.jpg?adImageId=12645741&imageId=3998105″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=erin+fetherston+runway&iid=3997243″ src=”0/8/e/6/Erin_Fetherston_a4dc.jpg?adImageId=12645744&imageId=3997243″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=erin+fetherston+runway&iid=3997263″ src=”e/1/f/4/Erin_Fetherston_6414.jpg?adImageId=12645751&imageId=3997263″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]


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