LG Goes Glam with Eva, Victoria

Fashion icons Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Parker are now the faces of a new campaign for LG mobile phones. The two will promote the company’s latest in touchscreen phones, the LG Lotus Elite and LG Rumor Touch.

Look for them in the print and online campaigns, a series of MTV vignettes and an event in Los Angeles on May 24, which LG says will celebrate the integration of fashion and technology.

More than anything else, I’m excited about the MTV series, which depict Eva and Victoria and two up-and-coming fashion designers -Yotam Solomon and Oday Shakar. They will collaborate in preparation for the LA event, where they will reveal designs inspired by LG phones and the idea of being fashionable in a technological and socially-connected world.

If you’d like to a chance to win tickets to the LG Fashion Touch event, visit www.facebook.com/LGFashion.


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