Juicy Couture Wants to Pay for Your Opinion

How does a $1000 Juicy Couture gift card sound right about now?

Great, I think.

That’s why I wasted no time at all completing the brand’s survey, so I could be entered in the sweepstakes. And it took me less than five minutes to complete.

Click here if you’d also like a chance to win.


One thought on “Juicy Couture Wants to Pay for Your Opinion

  1. Aside from being a dude, this sounds like an awesome promotion! I just wanted to tip you to our own giveaway–we at Unclip.com just partnered w/ Shoebuy to give away a free pair of summer shoes. We’d love to have you come check it out! Oh, and we’re happy to talk about a link exchange as well. Keep up the good work!


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