Review :: Naomi Campbell’s Tell-All Interview with Oprah

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Supermodel, Naomi Campbell, talked cocaine addiction, community service and life, in general, with Oprah today.

During the highly anticipated interview, the model–typically publicized for her aggression–shed tears, at times breaking into what Oprah called “the ugly cry.”

Oprah, who was frank throughout the discussion, questioned Naomi: “Are you just a petulant diva who wants things her own way?”

“It comes from a deeper place,” answered Naomi, citing an emotional disorder and an “abandonment issue,” which her mother confirmed during the show. The model admitted, however, that she has no excuse for her headline-making bad behavior.

During the show, Oprah also asked Naomi about her community service sentence and the statement-making wardrobe she wore during that time. The model said she found a number of the chores humiliating but completed them successfully– from mopping floors to cleaning walls and offices–in her Louboutin boots.

It wouldn’t have been Oprah, of course, if Naomi’s addiction to cocaine didn’t emerge as a discussion topic–and it did. However, she confirmed to the studio audience, which included boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, that she has been sober from drugs for six years and a year from alcohol–a declaration that gained her loud applause.

Oprah’s cameras also followed the supermodel during her workout routine  in Moscow. During the session, she quenched her thirst with the infamous Master Cleanse drink–lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water–which many celebrities, including Beyonce, have been known to swear by.

The show ended with Naomi in a ballet lesson–a life-long dream, which Oprah made possible. This year marks 25 years for Naomi Campbell in modeling, on which Oprah congratulated her after she signed the No Phone Zone Pledge.


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