Wanna Be On Top: A Closer Look at ANTM’s Fine Print

What exactly does it take to be America’s Next Top Model?

Sooo Fabulous! took some time recently to investigate — and the results were, in one word, interesting.

First of all, you may not know this–but you might be able to participate in the show without being American–at least that’s what one of the official ANTM documents says.

You must be a United States citizen and live in the United States. Producers reserve the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Not only do things look up for non-Americans but shorter women may have a chance, too. Two cycles after the cycle 13 casting invitation extended to shorter women caused a brawl in New York, it seems people under 5’7″ could get lucky, thanks to that “case-by-case exceptions” clause.

You must be AT OR ABOVE five feet and seven inches (5’7″) in height, although Producers reserve theright to make case-by-case exceptions.

(Their CAPS, not mine.)

If you’ve got height and citizenship aspects covered, and you are “articulate, interesting and exhibit enthusiasm for the Series,” your spot on the show might be a total shoe-in–unless you have issues living in extraordinary conditions. That’s right: extraordinary.

This group of individuals, while meeting the technical requirements of the Series, must also have sufficient physical, psychological, and mental capacity to endure approximately two months in a monitored house under extraordinary conditions.

Note the absence of the case-by-case bailout clause in this instance. Ha!

To check out the detailed fine print on ANTM casting for cycle 15 and find out more about what it really takes to be America’s Next Top Model, click here.


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