Tyra Banks Inks Book Deal

UPDATE: September 13 has been announced as the official launch date for “MODELLAND.” Visit the novel’s official Facebook page for all the updates.

Tyra Banks: supermodel, talk show host, reality show producer and now, author.

Our fave media icon has written a three-book series, the first novel of which is called “MODELLAND.” And honestly, it sounds like the crazy Tyra we’ve grown to love–but deliciously and positively so.

“MODELLAND” is a story of teen girl in a make-believe society who finds herself competing for a way of life that’s both hotly desired and woefully out of reach at an academy for Intoxibellas, the most exceptional models known to humankind.

According to Random House Children’s Books, the premise of the 3-part fantasy series is deeply rooted in Tyra’s core mission of expanding the definitions of beauty.

Kudos to Tyra for confronting issues of body image with this new series, which, unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while to read.

It launches in Summer 2011.


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