Inside Roxy Olin’s Closet

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=roxy+olin&iid=8660079″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”352″ /]

I won’t lie! I love sneak peeks.

So imagine my excitement when I realized I could have an up-close look inside Roxy Olin’s closet.

Roxy, Whitney Port’s sidekick on “The City,” collaborated with Bluefly for their Closet Confessions series, sharing an exclusive peek inside her sequined and glam-rock wardrobe.

Check out the video and get inspired–there’s a host of vintage finds, spandex dresses, leather jackets, feathered tops, leopard leggings, endless pairs of Giuseppe Zanotti heels, and OMG…the infamous UGG!

And if you happen to have a closet confession, you may want to check out for the chance to win a $1,000 Bluefly hook-up and other prizes.


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