The Undisputed Most Fabulous Fragrances of 2010

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Every year, great fragrances are honored at the FiFi Awards. And I hardly ever pay attention.

But after last week’s awards ceremony, I decided to sniff out (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!) some of the 26 brands that walked away with major accolades.

As I compared my personal collection to the winners list, I came to the pathetic realization that I don’t own a single bottle of anything mentioned there. So immediately, I determined to flex my purchasing muscle, preceded by a bit of research on

Note that this exercise will unequivocally end with me at a fragrance counter this weekend, scratching and sniffing my way to owning a bottle of something the FiFi Awards committee says I should try.

If you’re a more responsible fashionista, click here for the full list of winners. Or click the image to shop the winning fragrances like I did!


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