Will Bald Ever Be Beautiful?

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These days, celebs like Amber Rose and Chrisette Michele are rocking bold, bald looks.

But one Milan/Paris-based photographer, Enzo Dal Verme, who has worked with Vanity Fair, l’Uomo Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia, and Elle, is learning that bald isn’t all that beautiful in the fashion world.

Enzo shot portraits of bald women whom he met in New York and collected their powerful stories. But each one of the 20 magazines he contacted refused to publish his work over fears that pictures might clash with advertisers’ feminine ideal.

Enzo has since taken matters into his own hands by publishing the photos– and the women’s journeys–on his blog.

Check it out their amazing stories here.


One thought on “Will Bald Ever Be Beautiful?

  1. jennifer erickson – WOW!! Kimberly is so amnizag, after 3 years of photos every year gets better. She is so easy and fun to work with.. I look forward every year to having her do our photos.. We have been in the same spot at smith rock for 3 years and every year it looks like a whole new place, just amnizag .. They are priceless!!! Jennifer


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