Kate Moss’ Muse

As style icon Kate Moss wraps up her three-year design relationship with Topshop, it’s truly sad to see the collection go. (Check out this video.)

But it seems the model is already busying herself with other things, like the promotion of her new fragrance, “Vintage Muse.”

The forecast success of the product is so huge that Coty, the company behind it, says its factory is producing a staggering 60 bottles per minute, around the clock.

Kate recently toured the plant in Granollers, France to see it coming off the production line. There she explained that Vintage Muse is inspired by a Warhol-style black and white image that conveyed a strong, iconic feel. She also says she keeps a bottle in her handbag and wouldn’t leave the house without wearing it.

Check out pics from her factory tour below.

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