Who Wore What :: 2010 American Music Awards


The red carpet I spent weeks anticipating finally happened on Sunday evening in Los Angeles.

And I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Nokia Theater L.A. Live was full of plenty style surprises from the American Music Awards guest list.

With that said, here are 10 must-mention fashion observations I can’t help but share.

Plus, keep reading for loads of pics.

  1. If you don’t like the lacy look, get used to it. If this red carpet is anything to go by, it’ll be around for a while.
  2. The same goes for mesh…It was everywhere!
  3. Oh…and feathers, too!
  4. Rihanna’s toned down hair? From scorching scarlet to a milder type of cranberry? Love!
  5. Nicki Minaj’s look must have been a nod to her native Trinidad’s Carnival. Wild! But I’m seriously wondering how she managed to sit in it.
  6. Willow Smith looked like one cute present wrapped in a yellow bow. With this type of style ID at nine years old, I’m curious to see what she’ll be doing at 16.
  7. Katy Perry in Badgley Mischka was so understated and un-Katy but it doesn’t matter ’cause I loved it! And it was pink!
  8. Kelly Osbourne’s little black dress showing off her recently acquired wow-worthy hourglass figure definitely makes me want to eat whatever she’s eating. Amazing!
  9. P!nk, having recently announced that she’s pregnant, is one hot mama I’ll be watching in the style department.
  10. And speaking of moms, Jada Pinkett-Smith was gobsmackingly glam in gold. Who’d believe she turns 40 next year?!

Christina Milian




Heidi Klum


Jada Pinkett-Smith


Jessica Alba


Katy Perry




Kelly Osbourne


Keri Hilson


Juilianne Hough

AMA-2010-Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus


Nicki Minaj





Taylor Swift


Whitney Port


Willow Smith

60 thoughts on “Who Wore What :: 2010 American Music Awards

  1. loved the fashions, Rihanna’s toned down red won me over and i like Katy’s married woman style :)

    Jessica Alba also impressed me.

    keep keepin’ on!


  2. Um, I’m sorry, but can someone call Katy Perry and tell her she forgot … um, Katy Perry?!?!

    She did look BEAUTIFUL. But “un-Katy Perry” is an understatement!

    Thanks for posting the pix.


  3. everyones trying to be a lady gaga now , crazy how no one can be classy and normal looking , not even normal BAD , but normal fashionable. everyones trying to prove themselves as being different. Come on


  4. I think these celebrities try to hard to be noticed. Most of em look like a bunch of clowns at a circus lol! Award shows isn’t what it used to be smh!


  5. It is always fun to see what other singers wear and how much effort they go into to end up looking like someone else at awards show. Sometimes they look so out of place or uncomfortable that I don’t even recognize them…Can you hear me Katy Perry?

    When this Greek girl walks the red carpet or steps on stage to accept her AMA award I’m going be comfortable and chic, but you’re still going to recognize me…that’s just how I roll.

    Congrats on your blog getting Freshly Pressed!




  6. I would never wear any of these dresses these gals were wearing. Surprisingly, Katy Perry looked pretty sweet, and I almost didn’t recognize Taylor Swift with her hair straightened! Miley Cyrus looked pretty awful … I love the comments that say she looks like she’s tangled up in toilet paper! And the last picture of Willow Smith–!!! What on earth is she wearing?! Haha, great pics, even if the outfits aren’t so hot…. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!


  7. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed like extra virgin olive oil! :)
    Thanks for the photos! now I actually know what these women look like as I can’t keep up anymore like I did when I was on the radio all the time. I’d heard some of the names, but didn’t have faces/figures to connect to them. If I had to choose a favorite it’d be Fergie.


  8. wow, everyone looks fantastic, but what’s up with miley? looks like she’s wearing toilet paper and left a trail from the bathroom to the carpet.


  9. Love this post!
    Pink looks awesome.
    I also thought Kelli Osbourne looked good, but her hair wasnot looking good at all!
    hahahaha at Miley’s dress
    and Rihanna always brings it!
    Have to admit though I hated that dress that Nicki Minaj wore -terrible! LOL it did look like a miniature Carnival costume though. As a fellow Trini I think she needs to get a real Carnival man to do her outfits.


  10. Katy Perry continues to improve with age, she looked breath taking; but overall Julianne Hough gets my vote as best dressed with her lacey and racey number!


  11. Rihanna looks sooo much better! and Katy Perry looks do classic. Kelly Osbourne still amazes me with how much she has changed (for the better) she look awesome. I love Taylor Swift’s look and I can’t believe we are looking at Willow Smith, she’s such a little budding star :)

    I enjoyed this post :)


  12. Taylor looks so different with edgy straigh hair, loved understated katy perry but I hope it doesn’t become a regular thing. Not a huge fan of Jessica Alba’s look, didn’t do a lot for me.


  13. I love clothes, I love fashion, but I am not very avant garde.. and I think every one looked so fugly their clothes should’ve been burned, lmao ^^;

    Exceptions (well, not really, but they looked ok) being :
    Jessica Alba, although it was kinda boring.
    Katy Perry, although the pompom flowers were a bit odd looking.
    Kelly Osbourne.
    Juilianne Hough, although she totally thought she was in Moulin Rouge or something.
    Miley Cyrus, even though she was wearing a train of toilet paper.
    Taylor Swift.
    Keri Hilson, but… hello, random material, what are you doing there?
    Pink… boring, and the hair makes her look old.


  14. i missed the red carpet, so some of these i haven’t seen. willow’s outfit was cray-cray, but totally works for her.
    great pics! good job and congrats on getting freshly pressed!


  15. Rhianna looked amazing! And I like the new toned down Katy…. Willow Smith makes me laugh…there’s a diva in the making…lol


  16. I really like the outfits of Katy Perry, Keri Hilson and Taylor Swift. The hair stylists of Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Taylor must have worked hard :) The stylist of Willow Smith surely wanted to create a shocking look – it’s not cool in any aspect, it’s just terrible!


  17. Taylor looks great. So does Katy Perry. What is Heidi Klum wearing? And Miley looks like she brought some TP with her


  18. Everyone looks beautiful…EXCEPT Ke$ha…I’m sorry girl but you look like a mess…not even a hot one.


  19. Julianne Hough & Rihanna are just beautiful, from head to toes. Man, they’re scorching HOT in those dresses!!!

    What’s with Nicki, Miley, and Willow’s dresses??? They’re still on Halloween??? (At least Willow’s mom looks gorgeous… Jada ILY)



  20. I always love this stuff for the fashion flops. My favorite is watching the fashion police afterwards and who their favorites are. Definitely lots of fun!


  21. The ones who looked the best were Jessica Alba, Kelly Osborne and Pink… who also just happened to be the ones with the most simple, elegant looks. Their figures looked incredible.

    I loved the yellow sleeve Willow Smith had on, but the gray suit underneath was too ill-fitting! Her mom needs to teach her about camel toe. Other than that, I’m a huge fan.

    Sounds like I’m the only one who didn’t like Rihanna’s look. Beautiful girl, beautiful dress, beautiful hair… but it really bothers me that the hair matched the dress! It’s like one giant, fabulous cranberry. No good.


  22. my laundry list of yea and ney:
    not impressed with willow smith…i don’t know, i’m just not that into kids sporting camel toe
    pink looks like bette midler
    do you really think that anyone is fooled by those wigs? tacky!
    jessica alba, taylor swift, katy perry and kelly osborne are classic!
    heidi klum looks a matronly dracula
    and the rest…not worth mentioning


  23. Here’s who I thought were the best dressed:

    Whitney Port
    Kelly Osbourne
    Julianne Hough

    They looked great :)

    Miley Cyrus… bleh. It would’ve looked better without the toilet paper hanging in the back. Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith… They went for a risky looks and did not pull them off. I didn’t really care for Taylor Swift’s dress either.


  24. Really underwhelmed this AMAs, everyone was either weird or not enough. I liked Taylor Swift’s dress, but not on her. Just not sure about everything happening here…


  25. Nicki Minaj’s dress looked like a giant lamp from China Town in New York. She is trying so hard to be a mix between Lady Gaga and Lil Kim and it just doesn’t mix well. It’s been done, stop trying so hard and be yourself!


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