American Idol’s New Season of Style!

I’ll admit it. With Simon Cowell gone from the judging panel, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be watching the new season of “American Idol.”

But on Thursday, I quickly changed my mind.

The release of photos of Jennifer Lopez arriving on the show’s set (like the one above), set off alarms in my helplessly fashion-focused mind. With her addition to the cast of  “American Idol,” it dawned on me that it is very likely that every single episode will offer an eyeful of style to “OMG-I-heart-that!” about.

So let it be known that from January 19, 2011, I’ll be tuning into FOX very intently–not because of the crazy audition sessions or for love of music–but for the singular purpose of gawking at the style icon that is J-Lo.

Let the countdown begin!

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