Who is Jus Di John?

Any fashion brand that uses words like “imaginary” and “swank” to describe its design DNA is bound to get a stylista’s attention.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Jus Di John, the new kid on the fashion block that’s got the industry buzzing.

In a recent interview with Sooo Fabulous!, the brand talked everything from its obsession with Grace Jones to a love for the confident, cool girl in all of us.  And quite frankly, that’s all I needed to hear to make me fall in love.

What’s in a name? How’d you come up with the name Jus Di John?

”Jus” expresses the youth. “Di “adds femininity. “John” exudes the classic.

In five words, describe Jus Di John

Jus Di John is: minimal, imaginary, swank, contemporary and cutting edge.

How did you get started in the industry?

By custom designing for random people and a buyer recognized the brand, which led to carrying in local boutiques in Philadelphia.

Tell us about the moment when Jus Di John was born.

Jus Di John was born after that first initial response from a stranger who said they love those designs.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in the fashion industry to date?

Our biggest accomplishment to date would be being recognized by the largest apparel tradeshow in the USA as one of the hottest brands… MAGIC.

If Jus Di John could hang out with a fashion icon for a day, who would it be, and why?

Grace Jones because she is fierce and sexy. She is a hanger, you could put anything on her and she would look hot!

Who do you design for? What is she like?

Jus Di John designs for the confident, cool girl who understands fashion and not just what’s in the magazines but what’s on the streets.

What does your clothing do for her?

It makes her relate to the things she’s involved in and the art she see’s on the streets. Our brand keeps her in her cool world… From a new style of furniture she sees that translates to the architecture in a pair of tights we make. It could be a color palette from a painter she’s in to. We do the whole collection from that perspective.

Fast forward: It’s 2015. What has Jus Di John become, and where is it heading?

A global worldwide brand with its feet still planted on the ground.

Words of advice for being a standout brand in a very cluttered fashion industry?

Stick to your customer!

For more on Jus Di John, check out www.jusdijohn.com, Facebook and Twitter.

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