Style Lessons 2010 Taught Us

As 2010 closes, it’s hard to forget the many style lessons 2010 tried to teach us.

Keep reading for a roundup of everything we ought to take note of heading into 2011.

  1. Rocking a repeat wardrobe is excusable. We’re in a recession.
    First Lady Wears Same Dress Twice…And We Love It!)
  2. For immediate attention, dye your hair red. Really red.
    Rihanna Now A Redhead)
  3. The fun looks of the 80’s and 90’s are back–but the gold tooth? Not permissible.
    Ke$ha’s Gold Tooth!)
  4. Lady Gaga’s stylist wins big at the British Fashion Awards. The future of fashion is safe.
    Gaga’s Stylist, Naomi Campbell Win at British Fashion Awards)
  5. Weight Watchers works wonders.
    Celebrity Style Moments :: Janet Jackson’s Haircut, J-Hud’s New Figure + More!)
  6. Launching a massive PR campaign for pink will land you significant public admiration and a vote for Woman of the Year.
    (Nicki Minaj is “Woman of the Year” and Nicki Minaj’s MAC Lipstick Goes on Sale Friday!)
  7. OPI will never be the same again. It is officially the baddest nail lacquer in the game. (OMG @ OPI!)
  8. Lace should be banned from bodysuits. Stat. (Trend Alert :: Celebrities Embrace Lace)
  9. If you want anything you own to turn to gold, call the Kardashian family. (Why It’s So Hard to Keep Up with The Kardashians and Kardashian = Ka-Ching!)
  10. Sparkle and shine were huge in 2010. Let’s do it all again in 2011! (Red Carpet Sparkles at Hollywood Film Festival and Haute Holiday :: Sparkling, Shimmering Things)

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