Gossip Girl Officially Rocks!

Image :: Facebook.com

There’s no denying that “Gossip Girl” officially rocks–with its ah-mazing stylist, Eric Daman, delivering fashion-forward episode after episode, and now a cast member landing a major deal with Chanel.

Blake Lively, whom I today decree heir to Sarah Jessica Parker’s style spotlight, has been named Chanel’s ambasadress.

According to a statement from the fashion house, Karl Lagerfeld has selected Blake as the official face of the “MADEMOISELLE” handbag line. Why?

“Her spontaneity and fresh, youthful image have convinced Chanel that she is the right person to represent the house and this range of bags,” the brand confirmed on Wednesday.

We can expect to see the full “Mademoiselle” campaign, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, starting in mid-March.

Super-excited for Blake. This really is major!

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