SXSW Gets Styled!

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Sure SXSW is the place to be if you’re into music and film. The gazillions of celebrity photos that flood the media during the Austin-based festival are solid proof.

But this year, March 18-19, 2011, it’s about to get crazier with SXSW launching its…wait for it……Its own version of Fashion Week.

With a web site header that reads, “New York has Fashion Week, Austin has Style By,” the festival is doing a great job at building buzz.

“Style X” (that’s how it’s written) says its driven by the coming of age of Austin’s fashion scene, which is colored with everything vintage and is a sneaker central of sorts.

So I get the feeling that we can truly get excited about the festival, which includes a pop-up retail showcase and shopping experience, and multiple runway shows.

In other words–it really is like New York Fashion Week–except it’s in Austin and way cooler with its authentic street style inspiration. Let’s not forget minus the pretentiousness of the Lincoln Center and former Bryant Park crowd.

I can’t wait to cover it!

P.S. Get more deets here.

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