Topshop Unveils Spring Summer 2011 Collection!

It may be cold out now but fashion retailers are heating things up with sneak peeks of their Spring Summer 2011 offerings.

Case in point: Topshop.

The chain has chosen to cover four wow-worthy themes, two of which are unquestionably my favorites.

New Age Constellation is classic tailoring and a bit of the 90’s but with a twist, literally.  Think modern combination shift dresses of sheer and opaque fabrics that are twisted and shifted for looks that are comfortably futuristic and simplistic.

Then there’s Graduation, inspired by the 70’s and its wild mixing and matching. Think florals + nautical stripes and colors that theoretically shouldn’t match but still look ah-mazing.

Topshop’s Spring Summer 2011 collection also serves up a Jimmy-Hendrix-Lenny-Kravitz vibe in “Snake Valley” and a flowy, vintage feel in “Swedish Summer.”

Enough with the writing. Check out my top picks in the slideshow!

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