Who Wore What :: 2011 Golden Globe Awards

As the Red Carpet welcomed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars at the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards, the buzz on my Twitter timeline confirmed one thing above all. “House” star, Olivia Wilde set the bar high in a breathtaking chocolate brown embroidered Marchesa gown.

But while chocolate colored the best look for the night, emerald greens and shimmery blacks featured among the top choices. And let’s not forget Emma Stone and Claire Danes in their neon pink Calvin Klein gowns. Bold and stunning!

As the curtain closed, it was choices like that  which made for a truly cliffhanger night of fashion (and awards results, of course!).

Thus far, the Golden Globes must take the cake as most fashionable night for the 2011 Red Carpet season. No question about it.

Check out the slideshow for some of the night’s fab looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One thought on “Who Wore What :: 2011 Golden Globe Awards

  1. By far my favourites are Olivia, Mila Kunis, Amber Riley and Sarah Hyland. I also love the backless gowns on Anne Hathaway and Eva Longoria. It was a gorgeous night


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