Beyonce Brand Joins Twitter

Beyoncé has never tweeted a day in her life. But her fragrance has got the ball rolling.

The singer’s brand, Beyoncé Parfums, launched its Twitter account Monday. With less than 500 followers, it pales in comparison to Bey’s 1 million followers–the last count given by an Essence Magazine report on Saturday.

Unlike the artist, however, the fragrance brand has added tweets to its timeline, taking time out to help fans win a chance to meet Beyoncé.

To follow Beyoncé Parfums, click here. Let’s hope she takes a hint and hops on the Twitter train. We’re waiting, Bey!

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One thought on “Beyonce Brand Joins Twitter

  1. Alina Anghel:Thanks I had a great time there!! : )Estel:Kylle4, suomessa oallan ja just kotiuduinki! :) Oi, mite4 oot ite tyke4nny paikasta? : ) Yees, yrite4n postata reissukuvat mahollisimman pian, mutta meneehe4n siine4 aikaa kun pite4e4 ke4yde4 kaikki kuvat le4pi ja niite4 tuli otettua paaaljon! :D


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