The Skinny on Jennifer Hudson’s New Look

Photo Credit :: Sandy Pitt //

About a year ago, Jennifer Hudson revealed that she had been successfully losing weight with Weight Watchers.

The outcome has been phenomenal, thrusting the singer into a spotlight where her beauty choices and fashion moments take centerstage.

And don’t we love it?

JHud has been spotted rocking super-edgy style picks: hypercolored Minx Nails, Arunashi accessories and daring Louboutins top my list of favorites.

During her visit to Barbados for an April 10 under-the-stars performance performance, the singer proved that her beauty is beyond skin-deep.

What the locals observed was a warm personality who engaged local media, brought her son on stage for an impromptu performance, and made nice to just about everyone she met.

It’s all the more reason to love the new JHud, no? What’s more, she’s living proof that skinny doesn’t have to equal snob.

Check out the slideshow for pics from her visit.

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