Jason Wu in The Loo?

Jason Wu, the man who designed First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2009 Presidential Inauguration gown, is designing a line of faucets.

And now, thanks to him, I feel like I ought to have my bathroom fitted with them. But I’ll have to wait–just a bit.

The young designer, known for his OMG-worthy designs, has teamed up with Brizo to design bathroom fittings and accessories–but they won’t launch til late 2011.

But why faucets? Partly because it’s a new challenge, according to Jason.”Designing interior fixtures is an opportunity to challenge myself and branch out into a new category,” he says.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time he has worked with Brizo, having created exclusive fashion designs for their advertising campaigns and events before. Also, it turns out his New York residence is outfitted with the brand’s faucets.

No word on price points or design details yet but it’ll be worth checking out. Meanwhile, all we’ve got is this video from Brizo talking a bit more about the Brizo-Jason partnership.

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