Royal Wedding Aftermath: Fashion Lessons Learned

Image :: Bauer Griffin

Two days later, the Royal Wedding is undeniably still the talk of the town.

It has inarguably eclipsed every other fashion story making news this weekend.

With the event of the century now behind us, how could we not take away lessons in style from it?

Here’s what I learned.

  1. One’s hat should resemble a hovercraft where possible. Towering features and spiraled antennae, à la Princess Beatrice and Victoria Beckham, are a bonus.
  2. Trees at one’s wedding ceremony are preferred–not flowers.
  3. If you are really royalty, your husband should not be given a wedding band. All monies which would otherwise have been appropriated to his ring, should be applied to the purchase of the bride’s.
  4. Lace, lace, lace!
  5. Color blocking is totally in. See Queen Elizabeth’s outfit for more details. 
  6. Head-to-toe electric blue, as worn by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, is the new fashion statement.
  7. The more military outfits, the more fairytale the wedding. In other words, marry a man who is well decorated. If he is unavailable, dress your pages as such.
  8. Gentlemen, top hats are meant to be carried, not worn.
  9. Thanks to Pippa Middleton, the cowl has made a comeback.
  10. Did I mention lace?

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