Beyonce’s Party Video: The Fashion Scoop

With all its bold, loud, colorful scenes, Beyoncé’s “Party” video is a fashion fest, bringing together some of the industry’s most fun brands and personalities for one heck of a jam.

Eyewear designing duo, Coco & Breezy; House of Field stylist, Dai Burger; Guissepe Zanotti shoes and a to-die-for Louis Vuitton feathered top are a few of my favorite fashion things and people featured in the video.

Of course, it would be all wrong if House of Deréon didn’t put in an appearance. A shimmery gold blazer and skirt combo from the Holiday ’11 collection add a bit of sparkle to the party proceedings.

Check out the vid, released earlier this week, for a closer look at the fierce styling.

One thought on “Beyonce’s Party Video: The Fashion Scoop

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