Diet Coke By Jean Paul Gaultier

Iconic fashion designer + the world’s favorite beverage =  WIN.

It’s an inarguable formula for marketing success–the genius pairing of Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke.Monday, the first wondertwin of the partnership–a duet of limited-edition bottles themed “Night & Day”–debuted at Harvey Nicholls stores throughout the UK.

The ‘Night’ bottle has a sexy rocker-chic edge with a corset style reminiscent of Jean Paul Gaultier’s catwalk shows and iconic cone bra design. It’s even got lace and fishnet design highlights!
The ‘Day’ bottle is inspired by the designer’s signature Breton stripes and has a fun, fresh nautical-themed blue and white design, with the drink’s shiny red bottle cap resembling a chic beret. 

After what is the first release of a number of exciting projects, we’re told we can expect more  show-stopping limited-edition bottles, a striking advertising campaign, and a series of humorous short films featuring Gaultier himself.

Can’t wait!

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