First Look :: Louis Vuitton Men’s RTW Fall 2012

For some time, Sooo Fabulous! readers have pleaded for blog posts on men’s fashion.

This is the first  fully dedicated to menswear, featuring an iconic brand presenting a RTW collection for men who live everyday lives.

This is also dedicated in memory of Barrio Dimitri, creator of La Mode Dimitri, who tragically left this earth on July 14, 2012. Loved and treasured by so many. Never forgotten.


There’s just something about the Louis Vuitton Men’s RTW Fall 2012 collection. Perhaps it’s the fact that it features the average man going about his daily living. Or it could be that it’s inspired by city life in the heart of intriguing New York. I’d also like to think that it’s got something to do with the pieces themselves–functional and practical, with clever detailing.

Whatever it is, when I think of the men in my life, I think of them as being able to wear these pieces effortlessly–on the way to the office, on a casual coffee jaunt, to spend time with the kids. The list goes on…

For a closeup look, check out these photos, shot by photographer Bruno Staub.

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