Fun with Fashion Royaltee!

I’ve got a thing for indie brands.

Recently, I got a special delivery from one that’s new to the style scene: Fashion Royaltee. Simply put, it’s a line of T-shirts paying homage to the who’s who in fashion. Think: Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and other highnesses of the industry.

What I absolutely love about the tee:

  • super-soft fabric
  • tagless and comfortable
  • perfect for layering or wearing on its own
  • reasonably affordable (price points are in the range of US$30)
What I’m looking forward to:
  • More graphic designs
  • More color availability
  • Styles for Fall/Winter: sweaters, cardigans, etc.

Meanwhile, I’m having a bit of fun with my tee, and even roped in my friends from The Morgan Photo for an impromptu photo shoot one evening in Barbados.

Check out the slideshow.

For more on Fashion Royaltee, visit

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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