The Art of Packing

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Last week, for my big move to Washington, DC, I packed what seemed like my entire life into three suitcases. So much that it barely seemed legal by airline industry standards.

That said, I was relieved–yet a little disappointed–when I got word of Louis Vuitton’s Art of Packing guide. Disappointed only because I wish I had discovered this feature way earlier!

The Art of Packing totally debunks all packing theories that say we should roll, fold as we would laundry, lay individual items flat, etc. It turns out there is a more clever way of doing it–a little layering here, a bit of strategic positioning there.

After having dove into the series, I now feel way more prepared to master packing for my next trip than I did before. Gone now if the dreaded thought of TSA opening my bags and not being able to re-zip them because of my senseless packing.

Ever been in the same boat? Check out the features here:

Bonus is, you’ll get to gawk at some of Louis Vuitton’s most covetable travel pieces, apparel, and accessories while you’re at it.

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