Shop Smart :: Frugal Tips for Fashionistas

Photo Credit: darko82 via Compfight cc

When you’re a die-hard fashion fan, managing finances could be a problem.

How do I turn a blind eye to all the new trends I want to try? Can I really walk away from the best sales of the season?

Needless to say, I was super-thankful when I stumbled across 22 Frugal Tips from Your Favorite Personal Finance Writers on the Experian blog.

Here are the tips for saving money that really hit home while I was reading.

No. 4. Question every purchase.

No. 7. Always check for coupon codes.

No. 14. Calculate the CPW (Cost Per Wear).

No. 22. Never pay retail.

I hope you enjoy the full article as much as I did. Here’s to shopping smart!

P.S. Italics in the list of standout tips are all mine. Inserted for personal impact.

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